Sunday, July 13, 2008

कुत्तों के दिन बहुरे लेकिन बेचारे गधे अपनी किस्मत पर रोते रह गये !!!


चीन ने ओलोम्पिक को देखते हुये कुत्तों के माँस पर रेस्ट्रों मे सर्व करने पर पांबदी लगा दी है , यह कदम अतिथियों की भावना को रखते हुये किया गया है , लेकिन बेचारे गधों को इस खेल भावना का कोई लाभ नही मिला ।

Games, China bans dog meat 

Source: Times Of India
Saibal Dasgupta | TNN

Beijing: Eager to spruce up its image ahead of the Beijing Olympics, China has ordered restaurants that cater to athletes, spectators and tourists to clean up their menus and stop serving dog meat.
    But it has spared restaurants from serving other nonconventional meats, like donkey meat, which are equally popular among a section of people in Beijing.
    The ban on serving dog meat is meant just for the duration of the games and has been done to avoid hurting sensibilities of some of the visitors as well as to ensure that animal rights activists do not get an opportunity to hold protest demonstrations, sources said. The official directive said Beijing restaurants should ‘‘respect the dining customs of different countries’’ by stopping the sale of dog meat dishes.
    The order was sent by the Beijing Food Safety Office to hotels and restaurants approved for Olympic guests.
    The order also said that if dog meat is used in traditional medicated diets, which is often the case, it must be clearly labelled.
    Restaurants in Beijing that specialize in cuisine from Yunnan and Guizhou provinces often serve dog meat. It is popular among some sections of Chinese but its use is much less widespread compared with the two Koreas.
    This is not the first time that dog meat dishes have faced Olympics-related bans. It was done during the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, where dog meat is part of the regular diet.


अबरार अहमद said...

जानकारी के लिए शुक्रिया।

Udan Tashtari said...

Bechare gadhe-kash wo bhi kutte hote!!